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You have a problem, I can fix it?

I can deal with most small to medium sized household and garden problems, give me a call to allow me to give you that all important no obligation quotation ...

A little about me!


Mr Ian

I am reliable, hard working and experienced in many aspect of property maintenance having worked in the Construction industry mainly in the maintenance and repair sector for the past 40 years.

My success is built around recommendations from previous Clients and I will in due course be including some of their recommendations in my site so that you can be assured that whatever work I do for you it will be carried out to the highest standards.

You will be able to see in the Reviews page the variety of work that I can undertake so if you would like me to provide you with an estimate of work my Contact details are in the panel to the right.

Call me on:  07931 303695

Email me at:

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